Are all of the artists on ArtworksColorado.com from Colorado?

Yes...currently. But we may feature other artists work from time to time, who want to help the horses at CHR. Please contact Roxanne at roxcap@gmail.com if you are interested in featuring some work on the store.

Why are so many items not returnable?

Because the items in the store are custom to each order, we do not have inventory. The items are created at the time you order. If something is damaged in shipping, then yes of course send it back to the address on the shipping label and we will resend the new item. If you just want to return it, we have already paid to have that item made for you, so we hope that you will keep the item, and pass it along to another animal lover! We will work with you to get the product you want, so if you want to return (undamaged), please contact Roxanne at roxcap@gmail.com and we will try to get you exactly what you want!

Undamaged returns will need to be shipped to Roxanne directly. Please contact Roxanne at roxcap@gmail.com.

How can I find out more information about Colorado Horse Rescue?

Visit the fabulous website: chr.org

Do you make custom designs?

Hmmm..........we might be able to do that in the future.....stay tuned!

What percentage of the profit goes to CHR?

Currently 20% on ALL purchases and 50% on any item that carries the CHR logo. That may increase in the future. Never decrease.

Are all horse images of CHR horses?

No. But we will always try to have as many CHR horses featured as possible...as they are all so beautiful! Their names will be indicated when we use CHR horse images.

Will you have products with images that are not equine related?

Yes, our artists are very talented and they will offer many options with their imagery.

Are the images of CHR horses those of horses available for adoption?

Some are and some are of horses that have been adopted or are no longer at CHR.