Artist Bios

Roxanne Capaul - With a background in fine art, Roxanne has helped to create visual imagery for the Colorado Horse Rescue through graphics, photography and videos. Her love of animals has been a driving force in her creative efforts to help make a difference in the world of animals...and the people who love them. She has been collaborating with CHR since 2008.

Lisah Runninghorse - Lisah was on a horse at the age of 2. Her imaginative style and creativity is impressive. She has always given back and she was honored to be able to help the horses at CHR. As a painter, jewelry maker, clothing designer and more, ArtworksColorado is pleased to have her artwork available in the store. Sadly, Lisah passed away March 1, 2018. We will continue to sell her work and help the horses as she would have wanted.

Sarah Hofkamp - Sarah is the Trainer and Adoption Coordinator for the Colorado Horse Rescue and she just happens to be an amazing photographer, artist and person. She sees the horse in ways that are captured brilliantly in her photographs and uniquely presented in her fine art. She is truly helping to find forever homes for the horses at at a time...sometimes 2 at a time!